New website on photography Hey guys new update on my website... I know.. it's annoying But I've divided my photography site and my personal site into two parts..So please do check out the link above. I post some of new photographs there... the page is self explanatory have.. Have fun! Cheers!

New skills acquired!

I've been using photoshop for quite a while now & I've been experimenting on my craft for a long time... Recently I've been dabbling with photography as well expanding my imagination to a variety of dynamic sides of art which I can't explain... Just today I realized that excessive editing in contrast to photography can... Continue Reading →

Photography it is too addictive!

Wow! Now I learnt that photography is really difficult man! It is fun! Recently in one of my classes I've been presented a new form of art which is known as photography and boy it is something else. Believe me at first when I got into photography or videography what I assumed it was all... Continue Reading →

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