Build to produce sound,

Human are beautiful,

Song from tears,

Make me want to say cheers,

This who we are,

This is what we learn,

We are known as musicians.






She can’t be sustained for long,

She can’t be destroyed,

She cannot be anything else,

She will deny you,

She will feed you,

She will fight for you,

But to know her,

You should know this

Her gift of life,

Is much like energy,

Stronger than emotions,

Powerful than the sun,

But when you turn around,

She is gone,

Love her,

Hold her,

Talk to her,

That’s all she’ll ever need.

~Rajah Dah Bass.

Chris Cornell

A man known to only time and space,

Words so deep even our minds need to go beyond its meaning,

His mind was like a book,

Of worlds we cannot see,

Unless he shines light to it,

With expression and finesse,

He gave me a reason to write beyond,

And give music a true sense of meaning,

All he thought me in life is to,

Be yourself,

He showed me how to live,

And like always,

Set it off.

~Rajah Dah Bass.


Thank you!

Chris Cornell for the wonderful music!


The Pianist of heaven

There she is,

The one I begged to see,

Sitting by the piano,

All dressed in white,

Fingers on each notes,

All so bright,

Coming to realize,

What is real,

Or fake,

I see a lot of of people,

Big and small,

I heard her sound all so melodic,

And all divine,

Wishing I knew her name,

I could not speak nor tell,

Sweet sound I cannot remake,

Oh what a spectacle she is,

Only in heaven she exists.

~Rajah Dah Bass.


Waking up in a world where life has begun, my soul can’t weep anymore it has not wept for months and months ever since. We wish to go away into the world where we can be one hopefully to find our own peace but sadly the strange fact states that we are limited to the sources given to us by the givers and they would not have us wish we cannot bare for more than we ask for but still I dare for us to break the bonds of impossible ways just to live once more so leave the weeping for yesterday and tomorrow for the futurist thinkers. All I want is to see the world because I so humbly find it beautiful and I adore its beauty for half my life through pictures of beauty presented over magazines, books, etc.

Have a heart take a courage to jump across the pond of impossible thinkers to more possible way of living earth beautiful art artist.

To be continued…


Going on!

Life is really amazing,

Said the people who live in happiness and sunshine while the others they live in darkness hoping to see the light atleast before they die. What can you need if you don’t have anything in the world they ask but sadly the rest response are nothing but life and joy from the happy people but the remaining people spoke about oppression, grief and regret.

It is funny that some believe happiness is attained by strenghts, being feared and being inferior to others while others believe it is easily attained by pure feelings and emotions that sway you throughout your day. What does not surprise me is that the more you think the less you live but the more you live the less you think are one the same.

Keep on! Is what I would say to you have faith and search if not found, find what is not searched before and life is what you want it to be because you are inthe driver of your life.





It really doesn’t matter if you have the finest instrument in the whole wide world, what matters is how you use the instrument to your advantage.

To create perhaps? share, communicate, learn, teach or etc.

It’s not the ego in you that makes the music much better it’s you who makes it more personal.

How you compose is entirely up to you because it is like having a million brushes for only one canvas same art different versions.

This is to all those musicians who are working harder & playing harder.



Our city has fallen

We are the generation that sought out the tomorrow,

But we refuse to believe the past was merely a shadow that keeps following us around,

We have come to fear that both timelines have no harmony and meaning,

Because everything runs under a purpose,

When we realize we could do something better it is too late,

Why can’t we act now before we start to think,

Remember the world was given to us to love and care for,

Live and act now as humanity has been waiting for us for so long.