Cost of living

Paid by one,

Not by none,

It’s for my child,

Not for me thank you.

Standard way of thinking I don’t care,

Food is need on the table for all I dare,

People grow to become greedy is what I taught,

But people who can think are not something I caught.

I was brought up by blood of learning,

But questions to heart is pain,

There is nothing I have gained through life,

But the my child will hope to learn.


I was taught to never cross the line,

Learning that the line exist for those who will obey,

All I saw where never life’s greatest choice,

But in church I believe I cannot hear the voice.


At my youth I cared to change it all,

Growing up was a lie after all,

No one can see it coming,

Every is blind.


Hope to feed them all,

There all my kind.


~Rajah Dah Bass.



Another day


I am nature,

We can be everything,

I am happiness,

We can forgive,

I am people,

We can love,

I am unity,

We are a family,

I am the world,

We can something.

~Rajah Dah Bass.




Reality gets you down?

It’s hard to be real in a world full of wannabes,

We each have identities,

Hard to distinguish one from the other,

But we are free,

We have never been tied down to a scheme,

It’s ironic we are tied to rails,

But reality is we are free,

We fight,

From some reason we don’t seem to enjoy it,

But still still fight,

Even if the reason is not reasonable,

How can we find reality written,

And given from our past,

If we do not create our own past as heroes,

Think about it.

~Rajah Dah Bass.


Where’s the struggle?

What’s the pace?

Who are you to justify that act?

How are you defined?

Bad is not an intention,

It’s an idea placed,

In our mentality to judge,

Those that cannot see,

What darkness has done to them,

So think,



~Rajah Dah Bass

The decision

This for those who feel incomplete without that special someone:

I grieve for time,

As every minute,

And second,

There is absolute silence,

You cannot see nor feel,

What I want to say,

What I want to share,

What I want to do,

Wishes and dreams,

Are all in my imagination,

Wishing it be in reality,

But you seemed to refuse,

Nor acknowledge my presence,

If I win your heart,

I promise everything,

Will be written over times that were wasted,

The only thing I wish is “If it were you to stay”,

Nothing will fill the emptiness,

In me.


Modern Day Sacrifice

A man was walking down the park and he heard a poor man weeping around the corner he immediately went towards the poor man and asked him why he was weeping the poor man explained that he realised the mistake his done made him who he was today poor and worthless.

The man later offered him a meal to eat and a few of his old clothes/things around his home towards the end of the day the poor man asked “Sir I am grateful that you offer me lunch and a couple of your things but why would help a poor man like me.”

He said “If not for the pain you had earlier on it reminded me of the time that I nearly lost everything in my life a few years ago but back then no one helped me not even my family nor my friends so I chose to help those who are left alone in the streets because there is no way in my life that I would feel good about myself if I’m not reminded to think of myself more than anybody else in pain because of the blessing I get everyday”.

The poor man hugged him and said thank you for everything and the man replied

Don’t think about your past because it will affect you more in your future.”