Death’s bride

The wonder of centuries

Conquered played and plagiarized

To conceal the memories

To divide the truth.
What more under the circles wind

Is the second under the person’s mind

Deconstruct the creation to guilt

While the pain inside is she is revealed.


The night of death

Here goes in the forth

Where my sould needs the north

I cannot be brash without my pain

When all is said what to gain.
Lay me down in fire

Nobody has heard of my desire

The devil said two’s the clock

Take your bullet and take the glock.
I fear twice to quick fire

I just want to see the light die in me

Cause of not I would be a liar

Friends? Who are they to me I damned.
Fives the sin

Left and right tonic and gin

I will not haunt for that’s not what its all about

I just want off this roundabout.
If you can see me tomorrow 

Dont ask or blame

Probably by then I’ll be down with the flame

Dont grief and give sorrow.
In my death it is my own work I did not borrow.


He is not afraid to die

I know he also not afraid to lie

Whats his case?

It is all written all over his face.

Many of them known him

No he is not another Kim

He just like us he is dying everyday

What wakes him up is our word “Someday”.

Believe me you are the least of his problem

But your death is his emblem

Driven to construction your perfection

Deceiving all your lies is his own deception.

Are you true to yourself?


High hell

Draw out the open curtain

Cause nothing is for certain.

Promote the boss

And his voice is loss.

Cry out to sky he beg

He broke the tree not the egg.

But to deliver his sins

He wins.

Forth the direction we ran

Lost also everything including our hand.


I can’t if you don’t know

I am amaze at you life choices

Sometimes at night I never hear voices

Care to need for one’s own hand

To help me help YOU plow your own land

You would not care about today

But then again what was yesterday?

All I gave you is a comfort a home

All I have left the lantern and gnome.


Help me feel again

I have lost it

That important sense you never get

Drawn from a tight net

Now ever let’s me know.

I wish to be like a child again

Learning more only to gain

To be punished for wrongs

And left out to learn pain.

Beloved haven’t you chosen no one else other than me

Losing me not only to gain some glee

But to help provide the path

Greater than WE.

Help me feel happy again me if you care

It is not that I would want you dare

I just want to see how human you are

For that is what I want to see.



The statue

Carve out my physique

I dare you to care

Listen to art hardly I would bare

Knowing what is right is quite unique.

Out of nothing you could see

An idea that would be me

Talent and skill all on stone

Becareful my friend you might break your bone.

Portion by portion

I can feel the motion

Chisel on the stone carve in proportion.

I would love to see the nice craft in place

But wait another flab in my belly

I cannot erase.