Words without character

Notice something strange lately

Words without character

Value of a single status

Words without character

Action spoken yet undone

Words without character

Dreamer’s are dead beacuse of

Words without character

Tell me does this world deserve

Words without character.



I need someone to talk to

Here I am lonely as ever

Looking for a way to be clever

They left me out because I was weird

I choose to be not what I was meant to

Where can fairness play

In such a nasty world

Alone again

As the record plays

Alone again for so many days.


Standing Ovation

Crowd is pleased with you

All felt you happiness

And your rage

Power amongst carrying a law

Breaking barriers of the old

All seem to be happy

Then again if they

What loyalty do you have

If not of which you do not own.


Are you a nature killer?

They say a man can only live,

With a earth on his back,

And his above the sky,

Belief in that sentiment shows,

Man is nature,

Nature is man,

Now they say,

Time has changed,

But really would you,

Change the fact that,

You breathe in dirt,

And produce dirt,

And call you land home,

Think about it.


Hide & Seek [Game of creativity]

It’s been long since I’ve ever posted something.

A major throwback of my most favourite street game called hide and seek.

Did you know that there is a meaning behind this game?

Here is my interpretation of it:

The challenge of the game is to hide in places where you can never be found, most likely a place where some people think it is far to ridicules to even hide in such as hiding over buildings, behind old houses, or weird place to hide especially in plain sight (only works at night). Until your opponent finds a way to find you.

See to me that is all about creativity right there, in way your can ever imagine.

To apply this to the real world, You are bombarded with challenges that sometimes may seem ridicules to even try but with the help of creativity you become more flexible with your ability to use your mind to cover that problem and make a solution. It’s not the idea of hiding that makes the game more challenging, it is how you use you mind to make the game even more challenging.

Feel free to leave your thoughts.

Change in the waves

As one particular wave,

in the ocean host the shore,

It often shows the ends,

As it pulls back in the ocean,

It either chooses to be with the big waves,

Or the short ones on the next,

This mark an end of something

I’ve started few years ago,

I will come back,

Better than before,

Thank you!


4 Things to-do-today


We all have a to do list sometime it never seems to work out pretty well for us, sometimes we often wonder why we even come up with this crap.

The truth in having an objective in life is never a bad thing.

I learnt this in a more interesting way, by constantly repeating words in my mind to create something better for me sometimes it works out pretty fine but sometimes it falls apart. Regardless of the situation or action.

Doing something to better yourself can benefit you in many other ways such become a better version of yourself be it may a musician, or artist. You will always have a objective to achieve the more you have the more you will develop you own purpose in life.

By studying a lot of famous people I slowly started developing my own ways of developing my objective through their own words of wisdom.

Here are those objectives:

  1. Develop a work ethic – Yes! the toughest of all but the most rewarding skill a person can have in his arsenal. It’s hard to jump this straight up from the head so I advice you to slowly build into it much. Its like working out you cannot pickup the heaviest of the heaviest and bang away 100 reps you have to build it up from 5 lbs to 10 lbs or even more. This objective is still hard to achieve for me personally I still am working on it.
  2. Focus on the learning – Being able to focus is sometimes the most toughest thing to do in this moving times we often cannot really focus because of flashing fast pace, distracting, sometimes senseless ways of attracting people from their very own plans. I prefer learning in way of becoming better version of myself.
  3. Read a lot – Normally yes, in this fast paced world reading becomes outdated often at time it leads to disappointments to some people because just like any other habits reading takes time. The value of carrying a book around and actually reading it helps a lot in various way to be creative and innovative ideas. I started reading I spend mostly an hour to read sometimes I forget reading but then I revert back into it because it is the worth understanding.
  4. Exercise – Spending time taking care of your health is important. In this heavy world of stressful situations you need to take time to work your body in order to adapt to future problems such as sickness or even death. It is okay to have fun once in a while but remember this who will take care of you once everyone’s gone.

Mentally ill

Pain I have finally taken,

Sleepless nights,

Drown my world from believing,

You cannot see how a smile ,

Made you happy,

I can take handful of thumbtacks,

Eat them raw,

Some people say I am the problem,

Once I begin to kill myself,

They say killing yourself is not the solution,

What be is a solution then I ask for,

Then they look at me without a word,

Purely nothing.


The heavy lost

Breathe it in,

He’s gone what did you do?

Look what you asked for,

You made her live believe in you,

But she died not knowing you,

Never lived much for her,

Pain in her heart carried her away from you,

What more can you ask for if you asked for more time?

You’d probably do it all over again.