Given trust

Taken away my soul, None can believe I did, Curve of your word, Blessed by holy wit, Can I question you? Nothing is much left to say, Only I can do no harm, Said the man in with his cane. ©RajahDahBass.

Depression’s gold

Finding myself, Lost in reality, Trying fit in, Lost in reality, Given to do time, Lost in reality, Taken from this world, Lost in reality, Called out to die, Lost in reality, Fired at the first sign of trouble, Lost in reality, A lost voice in the wind, Lost in reality But the greatest reason... Continue Reading →

Revelation of love

Take my tail, Take everywhere, It is yours to keep, To love and to hold, Remember what it is, Value it, Do not blame the owner who gave it to you, Do not blame yourself if you lose it, Just like that it is simple, To have something someone valued for you, Know that people... Continue Reading →

While you still can

Living is everything, Death is one stop sign we wish to see through, You need to be prepared to go out there lay it in the line, Because there will be no time to live for once your gone, Demand yourself, To be worthy, Try to be everything, Even if your are not, Love more... Continue Reading →

Living is never a joke, Sometimes reality hits you hard and fast, And sometimes it never last, Looking beyond what has happened, Is sometimes a comedic fear, Often you least expect, What would happen, Then it will never happen at all, Funny truth about death, Once you are down, You never let anyone take you... Continue Reading →

Live forward

Looking at time, Where life past me by, I often realize, It was better to regret first, But now I need the head forth, A journey to life's fruits and labor. ©RajahDahBass.

I killed the sun

Nothing in life can be done, If you do not go for it, It will not be done, I was once told that the sky, Will already be high, And far too reach, They say I will lose it all, Believing in nothing but simplicity, Rather than complexity, Then I did the unbelievable, Flew across... Continue Reading →

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