Facing fears

Just yeaterday, I felt the twist in reality, Fear is merely a word, Nor an idea, It purely nothing, Its not pain, Its not anything in the world that can hurt, Fear is merely a four letter word, That the dreamers from the dreamers. ~Rajah Dah Bass.

Losing control?

It's funny, How fear can take over your mind, But if you look back, Fear partially controlled you, You are just imaging, A threat in your head. ~Rajah Dah Bass.

Twist of fate

Plan after plan, Dream after dream, Fails, Consistency continues, But sight is gone, Fight for that finish line, If you know what its worth. ~Rajah Dah Bass.

Right drive

Long journey, I see, You and me, Mountain tops, Seas wide, Sky above, You and me, The world around us, Challenges no authorities, Creative illusion of love, Mystifying creations, You and me, Shall we carry on, Or start living? ~Rajah Dah Bass.

Experience life

Here we are dreaming big, People of racial color, Have the same goal in mind, Big is better, But why does one feel so empowered, Over the other, Knowing we are all, Flesh and blood, Dreamers have never ever settled, All I can say, They are dying, Specially this generation, Born to think, But not... Continue Reading →

Home grown

Pair of shorts on, Off to mown the lawn, Feed the dog, Accept discipline, Home grown cooking, Life with family, Always the best. ~Rajah Dah Bass.

She is the one

Often the not we believe in a dream, Perfect life, Nice house, Fine dining, But none of these will not be complete, If she is not beside me, Life in the other side, Moving on, Carrying on, Life is all about grief, It is somewhat carried to the end, That defines you, And so is... Continue Reading →

Born foundation

The ground set you apart, Walls built to divide you from this world, A door to whom enters new ideas, Roof to provide you protection from the storm, Rooms for every well though plan of creation, Stairs to create ever grow hunger to success, House of beauty, Created by one identity. ~Rajah Dah Bass.

This road

They say it gets easier ny the day, That is all that will say, All of a sudden they walk away, Problem with people is trust, I don't really know what they want to lust after, Afar idea is a game of chance, Where the you take your demons out for a dance, This road... Continue Reading →

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