Black horse paradise

Seek the world,

To get rid of the nothing,

Watch your taste for you have lost nothing,

Driven from the insanity,

You once set your rules upon,

Here it is now your lies and truths,

You don’t know where to live upon.



Have I grown up?

Honestly, I do not know how to start this,

Yesterday all I knew in life was that toy car beat fast fish by the lake,

Day dreaming is all I have to live for,

Friends call me out to play right three in the afternoon,

My toys were my only friends because they protect me.


Now here I am,

Trying hard not to try,

Looking at the crossroads,

To find my one true love named “Passion”,

Guitar case by my side and art tools on the other.


Is it real?

All of this?

Time, Space and everything in between.


Dream not of which you are to be knowing who you can never be more than what you want to be.