More words

Crave for Reality

Witha hint of painting

Pictures of movement

with dream and actions

Thubgs that the mind cannot see

But can achieve

Words beyond measures

Only painted with colors of words

Abd more words



Mental box

Trapped in my web of thoughts

So dark you cannot see the difference

Between heaven or hell

Cold sometimes comes in

But beneath all this sharp edges

Lies our world of thoughts

Faster than the speed of light

You cannot catch it

So fast you often think

If our reality is dead

Yet again you cannot trust

What I just said

Because you all you know now

Is its all in my head.


Romantic mistake

I may never seem to understand why

It never feels good to be right

I see a lot of happy people alone

Some happy because the are in need

Often times questions arise

Do humans need themselves

More than others?

Yet I’m happy being alone

But sometimes I’m unhappy being alone

Two ideas don’t make sense sometimes

Seems to paradoxical

But then again

I’m just as human as you are.


Change in the tide

Directions seem to push us no matter what

Pain seem to hide and show whenever he feels like

Dreams show up to give us meaning

Purpose is just around the corner to feed us with sense of motivation

Failure is like a brother that want more of us and less of him

We are around to be the pillars that stand you up

Welcome to world where in we are the change of tide.



We have been divided

Truth is sour like grapes

Too old and to weak

We are gift of dreams

But yet suppressed by others

All we need right kind of tools

To strong part of the world.


Ways to be beaten

Game of luck seems expensive now a days

Trying on something new is always painful

Especially when you know

What you yourself do not know

Pain is a part of the process

Life is more than you know it matters

People do not care

Whether or not you live or die

They just say that because they are all afraid of the truth

Like a child cast aside they believe in progression by walk

That is why it is better to walk alone knowing

You can only build a relationship with you and the ground

And the direction of your own choosing.



Standing Ovation

Crowd is pleased with you

All felt you happiness

And your rage

Power amongst carrying a law

Breaking barriers of the old

All seem to be happy

Then again if they

What loyalty do you have

If not of which you do not own.