I may be lost but not stupid

When in time of need

A teller lie is give you the truth

And when the truth hits its final end

You begin to loss sight of what is real

And find a way back to reality

Try to find the reason why you are lost

By first finding yourself.



Depth of nothing is something

Down the rabbit hole we go

Where depth of living is forbidden

Where strength in capacity is more

Where imagination in life is real.

Ideas cannot be what they seem

Only if you thing otherwise

Drawn out of darkness you say

Magic is just its other name.

We cannot lie is it our dreams

Our philosophy,

Our will to survive

Taken out into the light.

People cannot understand nor be greatful

To judge the living within the dead

As they follow the river of darkness

They do not know what path they take.

Nor dream the illusion that makes them much lazier

Than they least expect it to be

Where torment in their minds is the illusions 

That will not allow them to sustain.

To crave rather than the grave of which they choose to create a path

Where all of life in existence can be lived without 

Conceiving to the truth THAT IS!

Depth of nothing is something.


Fraction of truth

Give me a portion of reality here

I have nothing in my life to live for

Chosen or otherwise.


There is this glimpse of hope I can give you

A state of mind where in truth is strong

Lost is the beginning.


Where lies are born

And not betrayed by ones own mind

Creation was lied upon those who believed are blind.


The darkness is believe to be the problem

The only truth they seek is when they don’t realize

That their own eyes are closed.


Wisdom virtue plays

But not the hand of those who seek god

Nor the deity of which man can bare.


Seek not a portion for yourself

Only in which you can be never be hungry

If not look till you seek that everything in you is left to die for.




Fill me up

Loosen up the madness

Crazy out the insanity

Driven to cause the mentality

Per personality.

Another shot of brandy to cover up me day! Bartender

Nobody knows I was here to stay

You are lost often you think

You glass is never half full not even through the brink.

Part of my reflection come with a natural cost

I have no more lost in expectation

I was only merely looking at appreciation 

Given time she said. Of what do you mean then?

I want to give you what to is to feel

But then I’m unable until I make it reel

Last call said the bartender

And then I will relate it to the wheel.




I love to understand

To be human

To ask of none 

And only have one.
We are particularly interesting

When we know what we perceive

Truth be it may death

Or decieve.
We will have the boast

To clear not lose

Hearts to minds

All through and through.