Empty spaces

Looking at nothing I see it all, Emptiness through those wall, Art coming to life, But blandness and me out of sight, Creation is the gift, Wrong! I say it the answer, What more do you want a man to do, If all your problem are left unto you. ©RajahDahBass.

I want nothing from you

The deal is done, We have concluded a final decision, You cannot wish to reconsider what you have made, Because you shook on it, Deal with pride may get you where you want, If you don't know far beyond that, Learn to live with what it, Knowing you are have already been ignored. ©RajahDahBass.

Beauty of All

Precious is the sun, Waving at the moon, When her shift is done, Looking far into beyond, Only to dream of her, And mine all alone, Love is not in our eyes, Because through our blindness, We come across nothing of a sort, Feelings are not in our skins, Yet we seem to be drawn... Continue Reading →

Something new

You cannot believe how much it is worth, Value of nothing tops it twice over, You worth is you call, Not the other way around where you call, What you wish to be delivered, In fairness all is well, When all is meant to be what what worth it to be. ©RajahDahBass.


Placed under the works of art, Painted not tainted, It hurts you only to be strong, But to cultures they remain long, I may not have what you see, But then again it is not all about me, I wished you enjoy what fruits your bear, Even though you believe it's not there. ©RajahDahBass.

Take it away!

Driven from reality, Life presents itself when you least expect it, Driven from you conscious mind, Belief into the next can never become real, Fate? Not really, No one can get what you have unless, They were the one who went before you, Believe me when I see an open window, I will take it... Continue Reading →

The only reason

I am tired of being taken out, Bullied or embarrassed, You know I cannot taken, Gun or gin, I'll take more than the sun. Love is to fear, But to believe is to take, Reality is ours for the living. ©RajahDahBass.

Given trust

Taken away my soul, None can believe I did, Curve of your word, Blessed by holy wit, Can I question you? Nothing is much left to say, Only I can do no harm, Said the man in with his cane. ©RajahDahBass.

Depression’s gold

Finding myself, Lost in reality, Trying fit in, Lost in reality, Given to do time, Lost in reality, Taken from this world, Lost in reality, Called out to die, Lost in reality, Fired at the first sign of trouble, Lost in reality, A lost voice in the wind, Lost in reality But the greatest reason... Continue Reading →

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