Our hands

Creator of dreams, Mover and drive of wheels, Stop the smoking, Start making that deal, Push forth another generation, Out to is own, Instead making them look like a clown, Wash them clean,  Before you eat, Dont forget that blessed meat. ~Rajah Dah Bass.

Look around

This is it, Working with what I know, Nature has given me the tools to survive, And I will, I will take everything from this world. That needs fixing including myself, Bring forth life, To those dead at thought, Care for all nature's children, Live in harmony, To create peace, Breath in what is good,... Continue Reading →

Secret Tail

Life is all about being sucked into the world of nothing, Lies build living, House burnt no one cares, Water overflow our homes and we say blessings, All eyes on one digital box, Levels of communication, Gone is a hurry, Food fake as hell, What's the hurry? Mar is off we go, Because we all... Continue Reading →

I achieve

This may sound ego centric, But it's is the fact of life, You are who you are meant to define, Choices and people,  Are your own brakes, Lead your way, Help change the world, Set that goal, Be the standard, Be your own self, Building something, You deserve to show, Don't build after those, That... Continue Reading →


Basic principles to life, Something to keep you in check, Orders to follow, Line to speak, From the food you eat, To the job you seek, There are rules, Broken to them, Are nothing but standard you missed, Nothing can change after it is, Follow or lead can be useless, To them this will keep... Continue Reading →

What can make your life better?

No solutions, Far to great than the question itself, Proof is evidential, Power is knowledge, Capabilities are tested, Or you rather choose, Comfortable life, Your choice, Your consequence. ~Rajah Dah Bass.

Facing fears

Just yeaterday, I felt the twist in reality, Fear is merely a word, Nor an idea, It purely nothing, Its not pain, Its not anything in the world that can hurt, Fear is merely a four letter word, That the dreamers from the dreamers. ~Rajah Dah Bass.

Losing control?

It's funny, How fear can take over your mind, But if you look back, Fear partially controlled you, You are just imaging, A threat in your head. ~Rajah Dah Bass.

Twist of fate

Plan after plan, Dream after dream, Fails, Consistency continues, But sight is gone, Fight for that finish line, If you know what its worth. ~Rajah Dah Bass.

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