The most low end section of every music on planet earth & my favourite of all instruments I use. Why? It's quite simple actually. The four stringed madness that has no limit even in explorations. Some say 6 strings & 12 strings are better in reality the resonanse of four strings will always be the... Continue Reading →

Why the name Rajah Dah Bass?

Much like my favourite vocalist of all time Robert Plant as " The Golden God" and John Entwistle "Ox" I chose to have an identity as well much like the legends whom I enjoyed over time and I wish to be one like  them in the future. No further explanation I could give to justify... Continue Reading →

Powerful lyrics

"I'll take it all arrows or guns a hundreds more to save you from one" Heavens dead ~ Audioslave. " And when a new moon shines through your window Or you hear a sad song on the radio And you don't know why but you just start to cry Or you're driving round on a... Continue Reading →

Music has become more complex

We all love music don't we well who doesn't. Studying music when we knew the basics it is good but once we dig deep into the music its so much more. My mind has been twisted by the countless influence in college that made  think I was never better than music because  music in its... Continue Reading →

How to become a song writer

Here are few tips on how to make good song not great song but good amateur songs. Think deep with on what you wanna create be it may science frictional or realistic or both. Read, Watch, look around be aware for inspiration out there be it may your story or someone else. Listen to some other... Continue Reading →

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