Classroom environment

Kindly sit down, Books out front, Silence!, Speak when needed, Learn nothing, Earn nothing, Tons of paperwork, Tons of research, No time for breathing, THIS IS YOUR REALITY, AND YOU HAVE TO LIVE WITH IT. ~Rajah Dah Bass.


Life, Love, Passion, Give, Teach, Reach, Feel, Sacrifice, Motivate, Inspire, Learn, Earn, Win, Lose, Family.  

The next written letter

In my head I see a vision, where land meets the sky leaving away the ocean, people have abandoned the motherland just to find sanctuary in paradise where nonetheless proves otherwise is home to them are their families, the children have become blinded by their own desires they forget who they want to be instead... Continue Reading →


Every choice I make, Is everything I have, Every minute in time, I live, I choose to make believe, In dreams which you, Cannot believe, I envision, A dream you cannot, Have, Life is given once, Once you define  The meaning of, Who you are, I am a goal, I am the dream, You are... Continue Reading →

Modern Day Sacrifice

A man was walking down the park and he heard a poor man weeping around the corner he immediately went towards the poor man and asked him why he was weeping the poor man explained that he realised the mistake his done made him who he was today poor and worthless. The man later offered... Continue Reading →

I was beginning to rule the world

While driving home around the afternoon Father saw his son in backyard wearing nothing but his regular pajamas a cape around his neck, card board sword which he made and a crown on his head. Of course he knew his son was playing with imaginary creatures big and small. Suddenly as he reached for the... Continue Reading →

At war

Voices can't seem to stop, All I do is drop, Failure lure around the corner, Like a dog waiting for its meal, Just because I made that dumb deal, I can't progress unless I kill, That common sound in that isn't kind, Life has a lot of choice, Unfortunately, Every turn has it's own voice,... Continue Reading →

What else changed?

Look at me and look at you! We've both come so far from the journey we least expected. Ha! You had plans? What happened? How was this possible that you and I saw the world in a different view but we ended up here. I know you started on forth a journey of unbelievable things... Continue Reading →

Give me!

Give a chance to be me, A game only I'l understand, A phase I can only go through, A life I can live by, A sea I swim over, A land I know so well, A sky I fly over everyday, A gift I own on my own, A thought I value overtime, Give me... Continue Reading →

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