Lonely time

Bring life into darkness

That void in the middle,

That’s the sweet spot where I live in,

Truth is nobody else knows

What life is around this parts,

They assume that they know it can kill,

Truth is there is never death in places,

Where life is called out into darkness,

Some people just react differently toward the sweet spot,

I am,

I am,

I will forever be happy.



I don’t have a reason to be around you

Pain and sadness fills my mind,

When it came to you,

Out of love and friendship,

I lost the real value of you,

We told each others far to many lies,


Or If it were be truth,

I did my part you did yours,

How come both of us showed no love,

After the forevermore,

Part of the agreement,

Which part of the paper did you sign again?


Caged reality

How are you?

In his mind,

Seeks pain,

Not weakness,

Darn the new age,

Lost song in the mist of hundred twists,

Where is the pain heading off,

What does it matter to you?

A hundred tons of knowledge,

Lodged within his brain,

Be a doctor or a nurse,

Or the world will know you are cursed,

Go create something out from the ordinary,

Then again no one stopped to asked me,

Who is ordinary?

Ignore your pain it won’t last,

Unless we all know you sips straight,

Out from her broken glass,

They you’ll see you maker soon,

Then why is it then he appears,

Unlike those who’ve made me feel,

Unreal in this broken last to another,

Praise them all,

Because they are never your brother.


Lies to prove

Moral code of ethics is to prove you right,

Walk on the wrong lane,

Doesn’t mean you have to fight,

When at war you often think,

Battle for the cost of what you believe,

At the crossed end of the path you come back home,

To only notice you are not the only one alone,

Death is not your passion but once you believed,

When all you did was only to trust what you had to be.