Evolution of my logos

Hello! I know you guys of you haven't noticed it much but lately I've been evolving around with my art. I've got to show you this feel free to be the judge of whatever you see as long you don't post anything negative about it or about me.  I don't mind critiques. Here we go:... Continue Reading →


I want to thank PoojaG for nominating me for this award! She has an amazing blog which I would highly recommend you check out if you are into books and many other creative stuff. The Rules: 1. Put the award logo/image in your post. 2. List all the rules. 3. Thank whoever nominated you and... Continue Reading →

New website on photography

rajahdahbassphotography.wordpress.com Hey guys new update on my website... I know.. it's annoying But I've divided my photography site and my personal site into two parts..So please do check out the link above. I post some of new photographs there... the page is self explanatory have.. Have fun! Cheers!

Last year of this month.

By the ending of last year around this month I began a journey in this website known as WordPress.com Of course! When you start you have to figure out what you want, how you want it, and where you want to go from here. And I did throughout this one year I learn to enjoy... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday WordPress!

Another day at Calle Uno! This time a celebration with meet and greets from other parts of the Philippines as well and big shout out from folks from Iloilo, Manila & Davao! Unfortunately, due to the rain some folks were not able to show up but we had a good time nonetheless. Oh yeah! Just so you... Continue Reading →

Chris Cornell

A man known to only time and space, Words so deep even our minds need to go beyond its meaning, His mind was like a book, Of worlds we cannot see, Unless he shines light to it, With expression and finesse, He gave me a reason to write beyond, And give music a true sense... Continue Reading →

New future!

Now yesterday, There was a mission set out our way, A dream a destination, Can be seen but yet so far, Our eyes perceived it as an illusion, To us it is real, And it is ours for the taking. ~Rajah Dah Bass.   Yesterday, I've met some incredible people, visionaries, dreamers much like me... Continue Reading →

I am a man

Years of torment over my dead body provoked to write about this experience. Yes! This is both a daily blog and poetry blog because the definition of the words I say have been written over time comprising of the past, present & future... (Poem) I am man, I breath, I live, I love, I laugh, I cry,... Continue Reading →

I walk

"No pressure, no pain, just ease and the breeze." It was 9.15 pm at last night the city was turning in and I had no cab ride home. I tried to catch one or two but then they we're all heading home with 2 or 4 passengers tired just like me. I could not do... Continue Reading →

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