What is wrong with being a little over protective?

Ever since I came back home (Ph) from being away for almost 11 years the memories I left here was very regretful and disappointment.

Over the year I grew up under a different space kind warm loving environment but of course I feel like I never belonged there because my heart led me to my own love for my own country and family.

During the past few years down the road I experienced a tornado in my path. It destroyed me and my ability to be have an identity, I never had the experience of having such good friends everywhere I go because I am always judged for my actions no matter how kind I am to them which left my entire teenage in complete isolation to the world. I hurts me to say that in time of growth and development I have to be who I have to be strong and protective to who I am and my goals.

Now after years of deciding to come home, I made my final decision. I am home for almost 3 years and things have never been better in fact it has been worst. The identity of fake people entering my life because they want to use me for their god like intentions have raised my eye brows a lot higher. I went down the path of change by becoming subjective to their decisions worsening my own depression. then a few mentor whom I learn to trust gave me a strong heart to be my own identity.

Ego? Or protection of identity. I can trust a million people in the world and I will never give up doing so. My love for people is the same love I have to valuing you and anybody else. I do not mean to hurt anyone who have been a victim of my ego because I cannot feel guilty about the reason of who I am.

Learn to know where a person has been before judge them and labeling them. I hurt to certain people to say bad thing over a person who is just trying to do the right thing for you.

Love is all I have nothing more.



Evolution of my logos


I know you guys of you haven’t noticed it much but lately I’ve been evolving around with my art. I’ve got to show you this feel free to be the judge of whatever you see as long you don’t post anything negative about it or about me. 

I don’t mind critiques.

Here we go:


95 (2)

Name: Signature 95.

Inspiration: As most of you know those two digits to me are the most important because it is my date of birth and my lucky numbers.








Rajiv (11).jpg

Name: Signature Face.

Inspiration: While learning Photoshop I was experimenting on vector paintings this was my first test on vector art.







(Rajah Dah Bass)

Name: Signature Side Outlined Silhouette.

Inspiration: While experimenting on photography a friend of mine took this original portrait of me and I edited the entire image to made it look more like a signature style. You might know this one.







Name: Signature R.

Inspiration: I love abstract art while design something cool while messing around with the pen tool I came up with this final output. (This is the current logo you can find in all my social media platform)



So yeah! That’s my journey in graphic designing ofcourse the journey is not yet done, more to come.

Let me know what you think down comments below.

As always… Let’s have fun!





I want to thank PoojaG for nominating me for this award! She has an amazing blog which I would highly recommend you check out if you are into books and many other creative stuff.

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Three Things About Me:

  • I’m obsessed with art, life and everything in between.
  • I look for creative thing out tight situations.
  • I love to bring the best out of people

Questions Given To Me:

What are you currently reading?

I don’t read books.

What has been your favorite book read so far of 2017 and why?

None so far.

What new book(s) are you looking forward to being released later this year (if applicable)?

None in particular!

If your bookshelf could talk, what would it say? (the weird-ish question)

Will I exist ever in your life?

What book series would you like to see turned into a TV series or movie?

Nothing comes to mind.

My Nominees:

Anyone reading this please feel free to try this award .

My questions for the nominees:

  1. If you were an instrument what would you be?
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  5. What motivates you everyday of your life?

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Last year of this month.

thank you!.jpg

By the ending of last year around this month I began a journey in this website known as WordPress.com Of course! When you start you have to figure out what you want, how you want it, and where you want to go from here. And I did throughout this one year I learn to enjoy and understand WordPress and the internet works. I would like to thank all my fellow bloggers out there who helped me find my own identity in this journey. I love your works too I do appreciate your passion and love for writing and expressing yourselves. Do move forward in creating a beautiful and creative world in your own websites you have my 100% support and respect in your fields of work and creations.


Lastly, To all my followers thank you so much for your support in enjoying my writings, photography, etc.


Have a good day!

~Rajah Dah Bass.

Happy Birthday WordPress!

Another day at Calle Uno!

This time a celebration with meet and greets from other parts of the Philippines as well and big shout out from folks from Iloilo, Manila & Davao!

Unfortunately, due to the rain some folks were not able to show up but we had a good time nonetheless.

Oh yeah!

Just so you know the picture above is the new office of WordPress Baguio known as “The Barn”.

Ain’t that awesome?

Happy birthday WordPress yet again!

Thank you again for WordPress Baguio for hosting this meet up #2 and Calle Uno hands down best place to be for learning.

Cheers to fellow bloogers and keep the bloggging!

Let’s have fun!

~Rajah Dah Bass.

Chris Cornell

A man known to only time and space,

Words so deep even our minds need to go beyond its meaning,

His mind was like a book,

Of worlds we cannot see,

Unless he shines light to it,

With expression and finesse,

He gave me a reason to write beyond,

And give music a true sense of meaning,

All he thought me in life is to,

Be yourself,

He showed me how to live,

And like always,

Set it off.

~Rajah Dah Bass.


Thank you!

Chris Cornell for the wonderful music!


New future!


Now yesterday,

There was a mission set out our way,

A dream a destination,

Can be seen but yet so far,

Our eyes perceived it as an illusion,

To us it is real,

And it is ours for the taking.

~Rajah Dah Bass.


Yesterday, I’ve met some incredible people, visionaries, dreamers much like me so similar yet so different. They are known as F.Y.I (Filipino Young Investors). It was quite shocking for me as the day was planned in such a way I was not even expecting it to go yet I had fun along the way. These people in the picture above they are legends of tomorrow & their dreams/ goals will set them to a long lasting line of happiness far more than what they can expect.

Firstly, The day started quite well I was happy excited to join these folks around their seminar set around 1 pm written their ticket funny story I arrived soooooooooooo early! I forgot that I was just reminded that the seminar was around 5 pm on the spot.

Funny ain’t it?


Regardless of time, I found a way to keep myself busy so I met up with these folks around the area & we just clicked the rest became history & yet it was quite fun to be around these people. Mind you these guys & I have a similarity & that is our age but the ability to pull off a successful seminar. Now that speaks in volumes & I respect dreamers like that.

I hope you guys from the Philippines (My readers), especially the young folks please join us, to educate, reach, learn, & teach more about stock market and its benefits for us in the future.

Find us! Or message me personally on my facebook page if you are interested to know more & let’s have fun!


~Rajah Dah Bass.

I am a man

Years of torment over my dead body provoked to write about this experience. Yes! This is both a daily blog and poetry blog because the definition of the words I say have been written over time comprising of the past, present & future…


I am man,

I breath,

I live,

I love,

I laugh,

I cry,

I care,

I suffer,

I die,

~Rajah Dah Bass.


Knowing much more than life itself has proven that I can still be human nonetheless. I Haven’t taken up an oath to kill nor steal a life yet I’ve been drown, pounded into the ground with hate and humility. I have no power over anyone of you, I have dreams that is as similar than yours, I have faith in humanity being one, & I have faith that where hate is there comes love & nothing can take that away from me.

Through time I have been irrelevant, ignored & set aside. It’s okay, Time grew up to tell me it won’t matter much then if I traveled through time to change things. I will still be who I am no matter the changes I’ve costed.

With regards to relationships, that is my weakness not my strength. I choose not to believe in life giving a stranger a chance to question me whether or not I am real or fake because I AM REAL. I do not want to think about people falling into oceans just to find the one & then take another by the hand to do it again just to live a life full of lies. I believe in the motivation of a person who will stand by my side though insane & sane moments not to stay or leave as they choose I am man after all.

Through time I have only few friends (one or two), these are those who have stayed through thick and thin. I consider them family because they have been my life’s only legacy. I choose believe NEVER give up on those who can change you without changing you at all.

I wish Happiness (Her) would see me like this:

This is not a stunt,

Nor a gimmick

Nor a trend,

Nor anything to do with finding attention,

This me broken,


Realesed but not freed

And I wish if she returns or finds me she will know what to do.

With love.

~Rajah Dah Bass.

I walk

“No pressure, no pain, just ease and the breeze.”

It was 9.15 pm at last night the city was turning in and I had no cab ride home. I tried to catch one or two but then they we’re all heading home with 2 or 4 passengers tired just like me. I could not do much. To be honest I had an acquaintance party that ended at 8 pm and I can still feel the hang over of it. It was a blessing, simple and memorable for me as a student and as a friend/ family in my course AB Music #musicforlife. I was dead tired by the time I hit the streets. I had no choice then but just to walk.

And walk is what I did. I have often wanted to take the opportunity to do this for a very long time. A huge achievement in my life because this city is known for its beauty even when she is asleep. I took every opportunity to look around see what is going on in my city because when I was in India I often spend my time out on the streets even till today I guess I remember the place based on the landmarks. It is not really just because I had no ride home I had to walk in fact it was more than that. Motivating yourself even at time when you become lazy where you want to surrender it never a last resort its a blessing to keep moving on. I got to see the night life over the beauty of the city, I remember I even saw kids hanging around, new places, new discoveries, etc. All this with a black and white suit covered in sweat because I always forget my handkerchief.

Don’t waste the opportunity on living a luxuries life,

If luxury is what you want don’t aim for it,

Let it aim for you,

Life is only once,

As I read for an article some wrote about,

Go out there and be somebody,

Not a nobody.


~Rajah Dah Bass.