How to get that perfect girl?

Okay listen up! This is where boys become men. Have you ever wondered why you are the sweetest kind of person in whole wide world but unfortunately every girl that comes around your life treats you like crap even at your best or at your worst. Well look don't worry Rajah's got you covered because... Continue Reading →

Boys side!

In defense to those innocent young boys who chose to be just loved. Here is what I can say. People of tend judge what they cannot see, it's not that their blind but they choose to not see what is needed to be seen. We all understand people are attracted to colors like kids in... Continue Reading →

Stay the course!

This is coming from a personal experience about life choices and it's effects in the future. This goes out to people who knows that the easy solutions are never the final resort to any problems they are just a means to an end which in turn will have severe consequences in the making. I recently... Continue Reading →


These are the folks I totally respect regardless of thier field by it may Music, Science, Art, etc. Life is in complete without them. Questions: But how to be like them you ask? Well one is you gotta thing big ofcourse they'll say that but it depends on how you think. But what if your... Continue Reading →

The real reason for art

This is according to my views; As an artist there is a certain thing about life in realizing where you go and how the journey defines you.  It is not that difficult to be an artist but on the other hand is quite tough to be one once you know it. Imagination is like a... Continue Reading →


I've noticed that certain group of people in this world either becomes real enough to believe or fake enough to be believable. Is really outstanding coming from a vantage point where you least expected. I've grown up in two countries,I lived two nationalities and two different personalities. And they are interesting no questions asked but I've noticed... Continue Reading →

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