Boys side!

In defense to those innocent young boys who chose to be just loved.

Here is what I can say.

People of tend judge what they cannot see, it’s not that their blind but they choose to not see what is needed to be seen. We all understand people are attracted to colors like kids in drawing classes or youngster on ice cream but this has been in our genetic gene for a very long time. But what I’m talking about about is somehow irrelevant to all those cases because I’m talking about the cases where young love is created.

Of course! We all had that time in school where we had a crush on that cute girl, who never really liked us because we grew up in different environment and sometimes we become weird yet entertaining but instead they hang around with the jocks, bullies, etc. Few years down the line you enjoy life and then suddenly you get a message on facebook or a text from your former crush saying he betrayed me and all that bullcrap.

Now that is what I’m talking about!

Let me be clear first of all I want to stand up for those poor guys who go through that kind of crap all the time. We don’t deserve people like that to be honest it’s better to be loved than to love something that’ll bite you in ass for no reason.

I just had to write this down for all those poor folks and an younger version of me who wished that we had a better life with those poor people. Believe me, better life is waiting if you first look for that person who look for you within and not from they way you look or think.


~Rajah Dah Bass.



If you don’t think about consequences, consequences will think about you

Learning from my past I realized consequence do have an aftermath at any given point in time strangely things are not as kind as they have their own intention damages that can erase possibly everything you thought you needed.

I cannot lie to you about things that should have happened in my life because I assumed it existed. I can find ways to clogged to water before it reaches the falls but it won’t stop itself from forcing itself open in order to get to that falls.

Life is as interesting that way. We can’t fake things that aren’t meant to happen now I feel it’s better that we can just let it be the way it is who cares what happens if out to be then flow like the river.

  • Remember this if you choose to make yourself believe that if you want to be as perfect as possible you should be ready to face the damages your going to cost along the way, IF you don’t care about the tiny important details.
  • Don’t take consequences like a walk in the park their no cake walk they have damages worst that what you’ve experience earthquakes twice stronger than the previous ones.
  • Take in moments of reflection you deserve to see what you did right in your views and other in their own personal views..



Stay the course!

This is coming from a personal experience about life choices and it’s effects in the future.

This goes out to people who knows that the easy solutions are never the final resort to any problems they are just a means to an end which in turn will have severe consequences in the making.

I recently realized that life became tough for me especially in college it is clear that the reason why I could not comprehend with the society it is because I’ve grown up in a more different way of upbringing and I learnt to live in a hard way. Let’s be clear no matter what color your skin is or who you are there posibilities in your life where you often wish you can be young again you can’t.

The river may seem big and you believe your boat maybe small but it can still withstand the current if you learn to paddle around and discover your strenths from within.

“Believe in youself and you can make your dreams a reality.”

So for those who believe they are weak have faith my brother. Don’t immediately turn to easier solution stay the course and learn from what you live because that is the value of living is in you and you are the living identity to our humanity.




These are the folks I totally respect regardless of thier field by it may Music, Science, Art, etc.

Life is in complete without them.


But how to be like them you ask?

  • Well one is you gotta thing big ofcourse they’ll say that but it depends on how you think.

But what if your idea is small?

  • Small or big as long you affects us the people of tomorrow we will be grateful but make sure it is worth your interet. A dream is envisioned reality waiting for a hand to strike it at the perfect time and perfect place.

How do you envision an innovation?

  • To an innovator should be able to see the future or atleast see beyond his/her time because thats where the real purpose of being an idealist comes from.

All this can be possible to a normal person so I urge you to think wise and remember you are always respectedin my book.



    The real reason for art

    This is according to my views;

    As an artist there is a certain thing about life in realizing where you go and how the journey defines you. 

    It is not that difficult to be an artist but on the other hand is quite tough to be one once you know it. Imagination is like a power that creates millions but can create nothing too. The depth of our perpection is huge we fill our thoughts will million ideas that branch out beyond borders in our extremely small skull yet produce a value less higher than expectation. 

    Art is somewhat the expression that defines something beyond nothing. A sacred text unheard of but has more value than you can ever imagine. Art has been the medium that showed is unimaginable things to people big or small, we created it to fill our emptiness beyond expectation and reach out and say we arethe definitionof who we’ve become.

    The real reason behind art is the power to be one with each other, all for one common goal to find within ourselves the depth of reality, what is meant not only with oneself but to show that one is more like ten if not worth at heart is perfection. 



    I’ve noticed that certain group of people in this world either becomes real enough to believe or fake enough to be believable. Is really outstanding coming from a vantage point where you least expected. I’ve grown up in two countries,I lived two nationalities and two different personalities. And they are interesting no questions asked but I’ve noticed lately both countries share a common similarity is being true to your Identity. It is ironic how we grow up learning to become our own someday but somewhere a long the way we become someone else without our consent its really hurtful to see.
    In India there are varieties of actors and actresses who established themselves to teach others to be themselves but unfortunately what the others take from their ideology is somewhat completely opposite. Same goes here in the Philippines where people take their personalities to a level far more than imitation that exceeds a limit which is highly unsettling to believe.

    The question is how far will this madness go on? 

    When will the real people become more realistic?



    Being hated for the wrongful sins

    I wanna get a little personal here. Ever since i was a little boy i was always hated for things i never did in my life. I don’t seem to know why.


    I’ve accepted it only till i was a little more younger i accepted the facts thats is why sometime i never have friends if i do i know they would backstab me and turn me to the dogs of reality.


    Even till today if people hear my name they’d expect to fear me, spread false rumours about me. I do not seem to know why that is why i choose to less respectful to thier terms and conditions. Its ironic how I see them with their own makes me wonder what real hospitality is all about, they say they in god and life, love but their actions do not mean well much like a monkey trying to handle a ship.

    My advice for you youngsters who can relate to this topic is simple:

    1. They give you rules tell them to shove where the sun don’t shine.

    One rule i always live by I rather die having real people at my funeral rather than fake people who is out to lie and bury their lie with me and my own.





    Best of the best


    Have you guys seen the movie Lincoln (2012)?

    (leave a like if you’ve seen it.)

    I love the quote he used on finding true north :

    “A compass, I learned when I was surveying, it’ll… it’ll point you True North from where you’re standing, but it’s got no advice about the swamps and deserts and chasms that you’ll encounter along the way. If in pursuit of your destination, you plunge ahead, heedless of obstacles, and achieve nothing more than to sink in a swamp… What’s the use of knowing True North?”

    The meaning behind the those powerful words make shake you from within. It will make you think about the choice you have in life itself. If you haven’t seen the movie please go check it out.





    Failure key to tomorrow?

    Just recently I’ve recently come across an interesting part of my life.

    It is a hard life as we know it. Many philosopher’s will admit it, many scientist will prove, and many teachers will say it again and again.

    What is about failure that drives another person to go run above obstacles in order to reach the other side?

    If you got solutions please do share.