Evolution of my logos


I know you guys of you haven’t noticed it much but lately I’ve been evolving around with my art. I’ve got to show you this feel free to be the judge of whatever you see as long you don’t post anything negative about it or about me.

I don’t mind critiques.

Here we go:


95 (2)

Name: Signature 95.

Inspiration: As most of you know those two digits to me are the most important because it is my date of birth and my lucky numbers.








Rajiv (11).jpg

Name: Signature Face.

Inspiration: While learning Photoshop I was experimenting on vector paintings this was my first test on vector art.







(Rajah Dah Bass)

Name: Signature Side Outlined Silhouette.

Inspiration: While experimenting on photography a friend of mine took this original portrait of me and I edited the entire image to made it look more like a signature style. You might know this one.







Name: Signature R.

Inspiration: I love abstract art while design something cool while messing around with the pen tool I came up with this final output. (This is the current logo you can find in all my social media platform)



So yeah! That’s my journey in graphic designing ofcourse the journey is not yet done, more to come.

Let me know what you think down comments below.

As always… Let’s have fun!



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