What about me?

Dear child of the sun,

Fear not your actions towards respect alone,

The fire in you was built for you,

Not against you,

What in life gave you are called dreams,

You my child are a dreamer,

Not a slave,

Knowing the past is good,

But knowing the future is far greater,

Hanging on a tree with both hands reaching into the water will surely kill you,

One must go and the other must take over,

Stand away from the belief,

That you owe this world your gratitude,

Because this land never really cared much about you,

Truth be told even when you were born this land existed far more than you,

Live with the fire to create a world for those who have not existed,

Live with all the four elements behind you to nurture this world,

Care for what is needed,

Needed not to care for what is not there,

Because all you have to do is to be you,

And make the best out of it.

~Rajah Dah Bass.



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