Out of love

Out of kindness,

Her heart turns blue,

Written in the past comes only when sky turns grey,

Towards achieving life,

We fly away into the sun,

Wishing only to see one thing,

Then we had realized,

We had lost the sun,

Out of sacrifice,

We received our place,

At the table we ate,

Along the kings and slaves,

Truth be told,

No matter what we see,

We are all the same,

Dress in gold, 

In silver,

And even bronze.

Out of pain,

We lost our love,

With hardship earned,

battle scars remain wounded in our hearts.


Out of happiness,

There we are blessed by the sun,

Hurt in pain,

Lost yet gained,

Disrespected but with trust,

There will always be nothing,

in our heart,

You will see,

But the only that you deserve,

What is yours is in me.


A Question I may need to ask,

What would you do out of love?

~Rajah Dah Bass.


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