What happens when they are all gone?

There is pain in my heart again,

I lost much of what I need to see,

People faded away from me,

Have I sinned so far to lose,


One after the other,

Knowing nothing is better off,

Than something in store,


Expectation I never asked of you,

I only needed people to be there,

I wish to say,

Wish you were here,

A glass full of conversation,

I wished we all had,



Too far to think beyond,

Why can’t anyone live for the today and expect,

Not to regret anything tomorrow,

Death may come to all of us,

Yet the sting of it hurts like a snake bite,


There are no more blessing in the future,

We all took it for granted,

How much of it spent on the pain, lost and suffering,


Now tell me,

Does everything this world seem fair,

Once your losing,

It never occurred to you.


~Rajah Dah Bass.


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