Lost I am

Trying to search for the meaning behind a world so blind but I can’t,

I want to understand from men who only I wish to see what I can see,

Truths hidden away from me,

How can I learn?

How can I thrive?

Where everywhere I go people put a price on everything,

Including belief,

In a huge market where everyone takes and takes,

What comes out of the ordinary is just simple sin,

Who care of the beast is released?

Can I see it on IMAX?

Without thinking fact of life is all written down on digital square imaginations,

Bring to life what is unreal,

I wish to only see myself not following this path you walk on,

I wish to correct it with asking for anything in return,

Love, peace, unity, and togetherness,

They are all dead,

Who killed them?

~Rajah Dah Bass.


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