Meeting up with reality

This is where boys become men,

This is where girls become women,

Our table is here,

Our sins is here as well,

Forgiveness can’t complete us,

Unless we carry that pain far beyond,

Our deaths,

The cost of living has a bill,

We will pay for our damages,

Our sins will never be forgotten,

Praying for dying means nothing,

Unless we live for those who are alive,

We don’t dream of nothing,

Unless that nothing is something we value to ourselves,

Dying has no purpose unless,

The purpose is show,

We have no more cause,

Our greed can overtake,

So limited is the power,

Face them all I do not beg,

I say for you have nothing else to worry about,

Once your in the grave along with everybody else.

~Rajah Dah Bass.


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