We are a tree over the big ocean

This is fact proven by millions before you question me about what I’m about to say please kindly read this poem and see if we come to the common ground and understanding.
Trees are well rooted no matter what the cost,

Cost of trouble, anarky, war and sin,

We have been thought to believe,

That world sees us in a different way,

And to us treat differently will seems fair,

For all of us to be defined,

We should understand where our roots are,

Common thinking is not fair play,

Thinking beyond is the key,

Key to open the box,

And to rise above,

Gross mass mentality,

Surrounded by the ocean,

Far and wide,

Common though cant seem to stop us,

It hold us down temporarily,

But it defines us,

Growing into sky,

Knowing we can reach beyond instead,

Of being sucked into the water,

Knowing that we could have done it better,

Be defined,

Be proud,

Be that trees,

Find your foundation,

Be it may your principles,

Your goals,

Or you yourself,

Be that tree,

Be that tree,

Be that tree.

~Rajah Dah Bass.


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