All this for nothing,

A cause that will define me,

Define you as a human,



Political View,



Questions arise,

When do we win?

When we choose loser to fight for us?,

Is this what you want?

You all fight for peace,

For no matter what the cost,

Death on the street,

Personal injustice,

You don’t care for one another,

Yet you sings songs about the dead,

Honoring them with your anger,

At what cost please pray and tell,

Is it not enough that you fight,

You get nothing out of all this,

Hatred and anger for honoring death,

You don’t bleed for justice,

Nor the common truth,

No one does,

We all die,

I can’t tell you to stop or you will go against me,

That’s not my intention,

My point is to understand,

We need to find other ways,

Aside from killing,


For our freedom,

Our struggles,

Our future

This is not me begging,

This is the world speaking through,

Every word of reality,

Please listen!

~Rajah Dah Bass


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