Let me out

Let me out.jpg

This for the voiceless, the depressed, the oppresssed, the cowards, the ones who have been bullied or been taken for granted this one is for you.


Let me out,

I have had enough of this madness,

Deep inside me,

I ache for something new,

Something worth living for,

A life far beyond your sorrow and your misery.


Let me out of these chains,

Or else I’ll break them,

You expect me to search for something,

You’ve been hiding behind your hand,

All your life,

That’s despicable.


Let me out,

I’m tired of your manipulation,

Your moral degradation,

Your pyramids,

Your so called moral compass,

They all mean well to you but not to me.


Let me out I say,

For all I ask is a simple understanding of these things,

By my own views,

My own strengths,

My own hunger to hunt for the knowledge,

I deserve to learn.


Take nothing from me,

You’ve been taking it all away from them,

They never found the strength to speak up,

So here I am,

You don’t have the right to tell me,

That the rain is secretly the teardrops of god,

Nor the you don’t have the right to degrade me,

By the color of my skin,

I deserve all as much as the rest,

I deserve to fight for the reason I’m alive,

So let me out.


~Rajah Dah Bass.


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