Beast inside me

It’s not enough to be me,

It’s not hard enough to kill me,

You behind that mirror can only stare,

But the truth is that is all you can do,

Step by step I cave in with reality,

Day by day I draw the gun straight through my mouth,

Minute by minute you call me to attention,

I’ll look you straight in the eye and say,

I can do better,

You say na..h,

I agitate you yet you seemed less bother by it,

You wanna know the truth,

One day I’ll snap,

And you will become nothing,

I will see myself,

Never tired of all the problems,

Placed at my door,

You say one day I will kill you,

I will probably do it,

But if I let you die,

The entire world will know that you died too.

~Rajah Dah Bass.


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