Life of a Political Black Bird

Black Bird

Knowing life,

You can’t seem to understand,

What life becomes,

Until you have out lived,

Time and direction in your hands,

Perspectives and perceptions,

May deteriorate your path,

You will wither in sorrow and depression,

Regardless of how strong you believe you are,

Waking to walk,

With followers,

Its your destiny,

Or is it?

Or your born to lead,

A rebellion,

That will change the world,

Either way,

You will be oppressed,

You will be deceived,

You will be killed,

You will be a martyr,

For the cost you stand for,

Your dream,

They will perish,

Under your grave or even by the oath you took,

You were loved no more,

You are the heart of sorrow,

Your choice may affect them all,

How about you then?

You have grown into books of knowledge,

But do you know?

Why you know so much?

Maybe racism was a factor that changed the cost of living before,

What price have you paid to really remove or reduce it,

Or is it still alive inside you,

To be taken away one morning,

Without a cost,

Determination is what they give you,

You never had that in your life,

Just like a orange juice,

They may say its orange but is it really orange,

Or a figment of their imagination placed in you head,

Knowing you cannot be beat,

Even if you are winning,

Depth of life is defined by the life you choose to make,

You may not care about subjects like politics, economics, or even general education,

They all revolve behind one idea,

That is control,

Control is power,

Yet they say knowledge is power,


~Rajah Dah Bass.


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