Growing up (The poem)

Here am I sight is blurry,

From four feet,

I feel comfortable to see,

Her who was new to me,

He came into the picture,

Provided me comfort too,

Love and smiles,

All I saw,

Next now I can walk with two feet,


I’m happy I walk further in life,

Where I meet wonderful people,

They look intimidating,

It’s okay I can handle that,

New friends,

Maybe a new best friend,

Hey a beautiful girl out the classroom,

Maybe I should say hi,

Punished by due negligence

Or by mistake,

Then I see high school graduation coming in,

Future right out the door,

I can reach for it,

Friends and girl by my side,

In comes pain,

Love was not a game to me,

To her it was,

Then I had to let go now,

College is new,

Something worth looking into,

Diving into research,

Finding your on blood,

Mixed in with coffee,

Graduation again!

Work this is a new thing,

Passion with happiness combined,

I love a single life,

And then,

Someone said hi,

Hope she’d be the one,

New things are about to begin,

Life is reborn again,

Two new child along the way,

How beautiful is the sunset,

Then came the loss of someone,

Our children had found life just like me,

Now it is my turn to see her,

At the heaven’s gates,

Here I come,

Life is not difficult,

If you look away from the difficulties,

You will find the right kind of joy,

Like the one you visually saw.

~Rajah Dah Bass.


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