Knowing what to believe in this world,

May seem difficult now-a-days,

Trust this,

Trust that,

Everywhere I go,

I must trust somebody, someone or something,

What does it take?

The effort to do something,

In order to believe in it,

Or the idea that just because you are nothing,

You will force to believe in something,

To supplement,

For that sense of emptiness inside you,

I know this might come out as controversial to some people,

I’m sorry but I’m just stating the fact,

Situations in life that seems to hurt becomes the heart of profit,

From those who have lost too much,

To those gain profits over the idea they created,

I mean to cause you no harm in this poem,

I just want you to understand,

And see where do you stand?

I can’t answer that,

Can you?

~Rajah Dah Bass.


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