New future!


Now yesterday,

There was a mission set out our way,

A dream a destination,

Can be seen but yet so far,

Our eyes perceived it as an illusion,

To us it is real,

And it is ours for the taking.

©Rajah Dah Bass.


Yesterday, I’ve met some incredible people, visionaries, dreamers much like me so similar yet so different. They are known as F.Y.I (Filipino Young Investors). It was quite shocking for me as the day was planned in such a way I was not even expecting it to go yet I had fun along the way. These people in the picture above they are legends of tomorrow & their dreams/ goals will set them to a long lasting line of happiness far more than what they can expect.

Firstly, The day started quite well I was happy excited to join these folks around their seminar set around 1 pm written their ticket funny story I arrived soooooooooooo early! I forgot that I was just reminded that the seminar was around 5 pm on the spot.

Funny ain’t it?


Regardless of time, I found a way to keep myself busy so I met up with these folks around the area & we just clicked the rest became history & yet it was quite fun to be around these people. Mind you these guys & I have a similarity & that is our age but the ability to pull off a successful seminar. Now that speaks in volumes & I respect dreamers like that.

I hope you guys from the Philippines (My readers), especially the young folks please join us, to educate, reach, learn, & teach more about stock market and its benefits for us in the future.

Find us! Or message me personally on my facebook page if you are interested to know more & let’s have fun!


~Rajah Dah Bass.


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