I am a man

Years of torment over my dead body provoked to write about this experience. Yes! This is both a daily blog and poetry blog because the definition of the words I say have been written over time comprising of the past, present & future…


I am man,

I breath,

I live,

I love,

I laugh,

I cry,

I care,

I suffer,

I die,

~Rajah Dah Bass.


Knowing much more than life itself has proven that I can still be human nonetheless. I Haven’t taken up an oath to kill nor steal a life yet I’ve been drown, pounded into the ground with hate and humility. I have no power over anyone of you, I have dreams that is as similar than yours, I have faith in humanity being one, & I have faith that where hate is there comes love & nothing can take that away from me.

Through time I have been irrelevant, ignored & set aside. It’s okay, Time grew up to tell me it won’t matter much then if I traveled through time to change things. I will still be who I am no matter the changes I’ve costed.

With regards to relationships, that is my weakness not my strength. I choose not to believe in life giving a stranger a chance to question me whether or not I am real or fake because I AM REAL. I do not want to think about people falling into oceans just to find the one & then take another by the hand to do it again just to live a life full of lies. I believe in the motivation of a person who will stand by my side though insane & sane moments not to stay or leave as they choose I am man after all.

Through time I have only few friends (one or two), these are those who have stayed through thick and thin. I consider them family because they have been my life’s only legacy. I choose believe NEVER give up on those who can change you without changing you at all.

I wish Happiness (Her) would see me like this:

This is not a stunt,

Nor a gimmick

Nor a trend,

Nor anything to do with finding attention,

This me broken,


Realesed but not freed

And I wish if she returns or finds me she will know what to do.

With love.


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