I walk

“No pressure, no pain, just ease and the breeze.”

It was 9.15 pm at last night the city was turning in and I had no cab ride home. I tried to catch one or two but then they we’re all heading home with 2 or 4 passengers tired just like me. I could not do much. To be honest I had an acquaintance party that ended at 8 pm and I can still feel the hang over of it. It was a blessing, simple and memorable for me as a student and as a friend/ family in my course AB Music #musicforlife. I was dead tired by the time I hit the streets. I had no choice then but just to walk.

And walk is what I did. I have often wanted to take the opportunity to do this for a very long time. A huge achievement in my life because this city is known for its beauty even when she is asleep. I took every opportunity to look around see what is going on in my city because when I was in India I often spend my time out on the streets even till today I guess I remember the place based on the landmarks. It is not really just because I had no ride home I had to walk in fact it was more than that. Motivating yourself even at time when you become lazy where you want to surrender it never a last resort its a blessing to keep moving on. I got to see the night life over the beauty of the city, I remember I even saw kids hanging around, new places, new discoveries, etc. All this with a black and white suit covered in sweat because I always forget my handkerchief.

Don’t waste the opportunity on living a luxuries life,

If luxury is what you want don’t aim for it,

Let it aim for you,

Life is only once,

As I read for an article some wrote about,

Go out there and be somebody,

Not a nobody.


~Rajah Dah Bass.


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