Boys side!

In defense to those innocent young boys who chose to be just loved.

Here is what I can say.

People of tend judge what they cannot see, it’s not that their blind but they choose to not see what is needed to be seen. We all understand people are attracted to colors like kids in drawing classes or youngster on ice cream but this has been in our genetic gene for a very long time. But what I’m talking about about is somehow irrelevant to all those cases because I’m talking about the cases where young love is created.

Of course! We all had that time in school where we had a crush on that cute girl, who never really liked us because we grew up in different environment and sometimes we become weird yet entertaining but instead they hang around with the jocks, bullies, etc. Few years down the line you enjoy life and then suddenly you get a message on facebook or a text from your former crush saying he betrayed me and all that bullcrap.

Now that is what I’m talking about!

Let me be clear first of all I want to stand up for those poor guys who go through that kind of crap all the time. We don’t deserve people like that to be honest it’s better to be loved than to love something that’ll bite you in ass for no reason.

I just had to write this down for all those poor folks and an younger version of me who wished that we had a better life with those poor people. Believe me, better life is waiting if you first look for that person who look for you within and not from they way you look or think.


~Rajah Dah Bass.



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