To love

love-images-1(I know I wrote a blog post about this earlier on but this the poem version of it so don’t get confused)

I’ve felt it,

Coming to me,

She stayed for a while,

For a cup of tea,

Time moved on,

And she was at the door,

I was on my chair,

Not able to move,

Fast she left,

The day went into the night,

Light in the kitchen was gone,

And so was mine,

I am weak,

For I cannot move,

But her face,

Reminded me of the moon,

Love of here is remarkable,

Can it be a sign?,

You are mine,

And I am yours,

Sun crept up for me to see,

On the floor I laid,


Then the door,

She knocked,

There she was,

She heard me in pain,

She held me again,

I wished she’d stay but then,

I realized,

She was gone again.

~Rajah Dah Bass.


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