Growing up from nothing to something

First of all looking at today fast paced world I’m so inspired by everything around me…

That clearly didn’t stop me from believing that future is near on the other hand, I also believe we are setting ourselves up for regret in time which what I’ll talk about now…

First of all, when I was young the only thing that inspired me was floppy disks, TV and the old nokia phones that never exploded (with the old keypad). It was good time to be alive because not only that I learn to be content with the outside world where communication is fresh as the air around me. I grew up looking for friends who actually faced me faced to face. Heading into few year down the line I noticed things changed as always as a young boy you never expect change to take over you only wish the world will be as one.

Then technology grew into me. At first when I had my own phone I was never accustomed to the idea. In fact I never really needed a phone to survive because I believe in life away from technology is better than having technology then came the endless selfie era where everyone I knew had to discovery their artistic talent over duck faces and all kind of crap I was not having that I was forced to it but I didn’t like it. Believe me.

Now the time for change, Technology is everywhere even the internet played it’s part but I had no choice but to give in facebook, friendster, etc. I had to learn with the crowd but the more I got into something I see is new to me is old for others which is kind off annoying but hey! We are all growing up ain’t it?

Drones, Selfie sticks, tablet, Iphones, Android, all of it came along and I’m astonished. I’m happy that these are new ideas worth discovering but then again too much of something can always hurt especially in due time. We have selfie addicts, Internet addicts, etc. That scares me now. I do like taking a picture once in a while savor each moment with family, and friends. But then the conversation now-a-days is “hey dude! Have you seen this post on facebook or youtube.” Times like that I often wish to sit by a river or lake and throw each gadget away those that not necessary for me and watch nature take its course around my life and enjoy every moment around the sun.

These are just my views what are yours?

~Rajah Dah Bass.


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