Photography it is too addictive!


Now I learnt that photography is really difficult man! It is fun!

Recently in one of my classes I’ve been presented a new form of art which is known as photography and boy it is something else. Believe me at first when I got into photography or videography what I assumed it was all easy you know taking a video posting it on what ever social media platforms are available but wait… This sucker is tough to the bone I mean seriously art at it’s finest. I recently have this hunger to take my DSLR Sony A 100 for a spin and wow! results do pay off really well… At first  when I got into photgraphy I was accustomed to the automatic setting where compositions are normally created out of light and balance presented at the given time and space..BUT WAIT!!! Manual feature have impacting results far better than automatic where you get to dabble with you own form of expression..Unbelievable!

Here’s a sample of my photography you be the judge.


-Rajah Dah Bass.


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