The Culture


I gotta admit it I do miss India.

Here I bit of things I do miss from the other side of home:

  • The street food – Oh yeah this is amazing if you haven’t been in India this is in every street no kidding this is delicious.

(just a reminder ask for the sweet ones if you are not into spicy stuff just like me.)ae8632c0f9dbde03079bd0ff35a2ed4b










  • The malls – In Bangalore where I lived there are surprisingly a lot of malls around the city one better than the other in terms of design and structure and yeah there are a lot of shopper around too.the_forum_mall_bangalore


  • The people –  during my stay in India I grew up with a mixed culture of various types of people so much so that I don’t even know what type of language I use to them instead I speak English more often. But the one thing I love the most about people there some of them are as welcoming to me which gave me a personality which I’m always grateful of.


  • The landscape – there are a lot of good things that India can offer you when you are there you get to discovery new things, skills, knowledge, etc.


  • The music scenes – This is how I got into music in the first place there a lot of good music in places you least expected malls, bars, restaurants, etc. I mean the exposure of music scenes in India is really good especially when culture meets society that is where music is at it’s best.


India’s finest in culture and tradition is truly remarkable nonetheless the country has it own flaws too I mean not every country can maintain it’s heritage way before time itself I believe there more things to come from India if they hold themselves together.




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