This poem is in dedication to our falling world:

What have we done to this world we live in,

It is not brave to find a man without sin,

Our souls are guilty of war beneath,

Our shadows are no more,

Our History written in lies,

Our future is tainted in blood,

In our present time we exist to see the fire,

That brought walls down,

And egos higher than life,

What is left for us tomorrow if,

Our children grew up in our own hell,

Will they be ignorant like us,

Or will they know what is right,

And to define what is right,

Mass media manipulation will tear them apart,

Greed has conquered us,

As we believe in the lies we made to believe in,

How to protect what is left to protect,

Where can we find refuge once the fire has got us,

Do you know a solution,

Or will you just stand there and tell me this has happened before,

Where is the home we need,

I ask,


You be the judge.



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