Letter from a broken-hearted man

Dear love,

The world I gave you was not what I expected you to take,

Nor was it for you and keep to yourself if so,

You were willing to give me a a chance,

I never look a drink nor even a glance,

I fear what you took was not something you can fix once I get it back,

Nor a would it be better off be yours because you needed it more than me,

I choose not to fear anything that comes,

Before the beauty of what you got from me,

Yet I choose to let alone die without it,

Because what you have is not yours to be exact it was just the between two stolen towers,

Beneath my back,

A heart with reason and honesty,

That came will gold and it’s dynasty,

It’s legacy is far to precious to be lost,

But yet again I presume you sold it for a dime,

If you knew the value of what you have,

It’s better to have it kept for your to live with not without.



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