How to make your ideas benefit you (Productively)

Ever wondered why you cannot seem to get a solid idea out on paper but you got this good idea in your head you want to express artistically.

Here are some few tips you might want need:

  1. Write down your ideas – This one is simple in our everyday lives we often forget to realize that good ideas are hard to come by. Once we have them then they gone. Simple solution is to always carry a notebook and pen around every time you do something.
  2. Talk to artist about your ideas – This one is basic common sense if you do have a particular skill in your arsenal but you still want to make sure you idea comes out perfectly. Start making connection!
  3. Put your ideas to good use – It is clear you have this idea floating in your head but it has missing parts. Now here comes the crazy part put your one good idea in a place where it fits perfectly. Like a machine placing nuts and bolts to create a car. Fixate your idea on something good perhaps a story, musical or a play., depending on your creativity.
  4.  Get inspired – Live a little don’t get caught up in you tiny world, go take a walk, read a book, watch a movie, etc. Ideas come from places where you least expect it to be ask JK Rowling or Stephen King.

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