If you don’t think about consequences, consequences will think about you

Learning from my past I realized consequence do have an aftermath at any given point in time strangely things are not as kind as they have their own intention damages that can erase possibly everything you thought you needed.

I cannot lie to you about things that should have happened in my life because I assumed it existed. I can find ways to clogged to water before it reaches the falls but it won’t stop itself from forcing itself open in order to get to that falls.

Life is as interesting that way. We can’t fake things that aren’t meant to happen now I feel it’s better that we can just let it be the way it is who cares what happens if out to be then flow like the river.

  • Remember this if you choose to make yourself believe that if you want to be as perfect as possible you should be ready to face the damages your going to cost along the way, IF you don’t care about the tiny important details.
  • Don’t take consequences like a walk in the park their no cake walk they have damages worst that what you’ve experience earthquakes twice stronger than the previous ones.
  • Take in moments of reflection you deserve to see what you did right in your views and other in their own personal views..




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