Stay the course!

This is coming from a personal experience about life choices and it’s effects in the future.

This goes out to people who knows that the easy solutions are never the final resort to any problems they are just a means to an end which in turn will have severe consequences in the making.

I recently realized that life became tough for me especially in college it is clear that the reason why I could not comprehend with the society it is because I’ve grown up in a more different way of upbringing and I learnt to live in a hard way. Let’s be clear no matter what color your skin is or who you are there posibilities in your life where you often wish you can be young again you can’t.

The river may seem big and you believe your boat maybe small but it can still withstand the current if you learn to paddle around and discover your strenths from within.

“Believe in youself and you can make your dreams a reality.”

So for those who believe they are weak have faith my brother. Don’t immediately turn to easier solution stay the course and learn from what you live because that is the value of living is in you and you are the living identity to our humanity.




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