This is a bit personal but take it as what it is meant to be.

Pressing that fast forward button into the future where you strength is based on your children and grand children, some families mostly have abandoned you already by then, you sitting at that porch staring at that sunset day in day out, as your friends say goodbye each moment you look at the picture mounted on the wall reminding you of what could have been your moment captured only in a small size frame is now a legacy in your heart. Wishing where time stood still you could taste it but you realized your own taste buds have already turned sour, where looking at a glass of wine reminds you of all the sweet cheers you we’re grateful of.

As you draw out your last breath in that hospital where your son or daughter stares at you worried that you’d see them soon again what would you think was worth every moment before that time?

To me I like to reminisce about the moments where I said I do to the woman I love, kissed my child every night and tell them that the world is as wonderful if they would believe in themselves, romantic dinners every moment we have time, conversation with you everyday through various forms of communication, if possible share a laugh or two over a couple of movies, respecting my parents and in – laws as I set my vows to protect and love their own child, Study and educate myself, play a song or two for people who deserve it, and most of all learn to stand where at time I often fall.

Life is as beautiful unlike no other. Promises keep falling off but the heart of the story is yet to be written down by every moment. Death is hard to overcome nonetheless legacy is hard to erase once you write that paper with beautiful things you would have in life to ask for.

This may make you cry but it’s true we all want those pretty moments over in a hurry yet the end we least want it to be extended because we deserve it.

A letter to the future :

Don’t bring anything you don’t need my son, don’t ask for everything yet enjoy tiny moments, the poor has happiness how about you? The greed is always undeniable, your money will always find a way to lose you. If your looking for something real look in front of you not behind. We all need leave soon anyway what will you leave here you LEGACY or NOTHING?


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