Going on!

Life is really amazing,

Said the people who live in happiness and sunshine while the others they live in darkness hoping to see the light atleast before they die. What can you need if you don’t have anything in the world they ask but sadly the rest response are nothing but life and joy from the happy people but the remaining people spoke about oppression, grief and regret.

It is funny that some believe happiness is attained by strenghts, being feared and being inferior to others while others believe it is easily attained by pure feelings and emotions that sway you throughout your day. What does not surprise me is that the more you think the less you live but the more you live the less you think are one the same.

Keep on! Is what I would say to you have faith and search if not found, find what is not searched before and life is what you want it to be because you are inthe driver of your life.





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