These are the folks I totally respect regardless of thier field by it may Music, Science, Art, etc.

Life is in complete without them.


But how to be like them you ask?

  • Well one is you gotta thing big ofcourse they’ll say that but it depends on how you think.

But what if your idea is small?

  • Small or big as long you affects us the people of tomorrow we will be grateful but make sure it is worth your interet. A dream is envisioned reality waiting for a hand to strike it at the perfect time and perfect place.

How do you envision an innovation?

  • To an innovator should be able to see the future or atleast see beyond his/her time because thats where the real purpose of being an idealist comes from.

All this can be possible to a normal person so I urge you to think wise and remember you are always respectedin my book.




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