The real reason for art

This is according to my views;

As an artist there is a certain thing about life in realizing where you go and how the journey defines you. 

It is not that difficult to be an artist but on the other hand is quite tough to be one once you know it. Imagination is like a power that creates millions but can create nothing too. The depth of our perpection is huge we fill our thoughts will million ideas that branch out beyond borders in our extremely small skull yet produce a value less higher than expectation. 

Art is somewhat the expression that defines something beyond nothing. A sacred text unheard of but has more value than you can ever imagine. Art has been the medium that showed is unimaginable things to people big or small, we created it to fill our emptiness beyond expectation and reach out and say we arethe definitionof who we’ve become.

The real reason behind art is the power to be one with each other, all for one common goal to find within ourselves the depth of reality, what is meant not only with oneself but to show that one is more like ten if not worth at heart is perfection. 



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