I’ve noticed that certain group of people in this world either becomes real enough to believe or fake enough to be believable. Is really outstanding coming from a vantage point where you least expected. I’ve grown up in two countries,I lived two nationalities and two different personalities. And they are interesting no questions asked but I’ve noticed lately both countries share a common similarity is being true to your Identity. It is ironic how we grow up learning to become our own someday but somewhere a long the way we become someone else without our consent its really hurtful to see.
In India there are varieties of actors and actresses who established themselves to teach others to be themselves but unfortunately what the others take from their ideology is somewhat completely opposite. Same goes here in the Philippines where people take their personalities to a level far more than imitation that exceeds a limit which is highly unsettling to believe.

The question is how far will this madness go on? 

When will the real people become more realistic?




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