True Value of friendship is lost

Lately I’ve notice conversations have become lesser and lesser this days. Friendship has lost its touch all people care about now is the size of their screens getting bigger by the minute.

I miss conversations over lunch or sharing day to day life, ideology, walking around, sitting without technology. Life was sweet but we’ve made it bitter.

Everyday I meet new people in my culture we offer people a chance to get to know one another over a meal now that culture is lost.

I’m just disappointed but what can I do people are people.


2 thoughts on “True Value of friendship is lost

  1. I recently had about 40 people over our house for Christmas. While I was doing the final food prep, I noticed a silence in the room. I looked up and EVERYONE was on their phone!!!!! 😨😨😨 In a loving, energetic, playful, loud way, I told them to put their phones away and let’s play!!! We took out a game, everyone was engaged!!! Laughing, joking, loud, crazy fun!!! We had a BLAST!!! It shaped the rest of the evening and it was the best Christmas party ever!!!! 😊😊😊

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