An open letter

2017 has begun you and I have are yet to set out on a journey in which we can reach for the stars. If you believe in the  impossible life is sweet, if not then life is worth that sweetness yet to achieve in the  later future. I do not ask for more in this life all I want is the finer things in life and you. I cannot say I cannot live with you because that is a lot cheap and unless I rather say that a part of me taken and is yet to be completed is you just like a puzzle waiting to figure itself out. I believe we will get there and I am sorry if I made you think that I will do what a hundred people will do to you.

I am not going to make same promises other use instead I rather keep real words and prove them to you day by day, month by month, year by year.

I hope to see you soon btw there still three letters waiting for you here.

Much love to you my one.


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