Year end review of 2016


This a personal review of what has happened in my life so enjoy.

It has been 2 and half year already in the Philippines there are a million things that has happened over time. I continue to learn more about life here, love and the importance of family. 2016 has given me the opportunity to learn the value of having real friends at the right time giving importance to family so that can someday I can learn to maintain a beautiful family of my own down the line.

Just yesterday I enjoyed my time at my grandfather’s old home where I met new and old faces and learnt the most important lesson in life “Nothing is more important in life more than family”. We had games, songs, and gift giving it was heaven on earth experience for me and the families that joined us.

The overall outcome of the year has been spectacular for me personally I believe. Time and time again I continue to attempt to recover everything I lost from past few year before and I see beginning of time for healing every step of the day.

Yes, I do miss someone this Christmas and New year but I respect the fact that she deserves her own time and space with her family and friends the best part of it all she may not expact what I have in store for her the next coming years but still I don’t mind waiting life is worth the wait when you know you set yourself on the right path and believe in the right things.

I official believe good things are upon us all wherever and whoever reads my blogs. I would like to extend my wishes to you a Merry Merry Christmas to all of you an blessed happy new year.


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