Being hated for the wrongful sins

I wanna get a little personal here. Ever since i was a little boy i was always hated for things i never did in my life. I don’t seem to know why.


I’ve accepted it only till i was a little more younger i accepted the facts thats is why sometime i never have friends if i do i know they would backstab me and turn me to the dogs of reality.


Even till today if people hear my name they’d expect to fear me, spread false rumours about me. I do not seem to know why that is why i choose to less respectful to thier terms and conditions. Its ironic how I see them with their own makes me wonder what real hospitality is all about, they say they in god and life, love but their actions do not mean well much like a monkey trying to handle a ship.

My advice for you youngsters who can relate to this topic is simple:

  1. They give you rules tell them to shove where the sun don’t shine.

One rule i always live by I rather die having real people at my funeral rather than fake people who is out to lie and bury their lie with me and my own.






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