What will happen to us?

As you know I love you more than the world infact you have become my world.
I like to believe that time will change but I will still be here wherever I am needed to be. I will not fear the acts of death even if you force me too. I do wish in time you will see what I am meant to be even though I do not level up to your expectation or even least.

I cannot sleep knowing that someday I realized I have lost you knowing my heart that even though I said I’ll be right there near you, you deserve better. (If so you are already there alone)

Love I have for you is endless, it is powerless if only if it were to be stolen but it will never be because it knows where it belongs. Read this and think that just because I have set out a plan to pursue you doesnt mean I will have to give up.

You know me better than anyone else what will you do if nothing allows us to be to then don’t do anything. I love you no matter what you decide and I will never give up. I just feel bad I’ll be spending some few christmas alone for sometime.




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