The Speech

I’m getting the hang of this.


You guys, can use this speech if you want to my way of being thankful to you. So here we go!


The cruel world will blind you eyes but stand with me.

I come to you as a friend, father , brother, mother, sister to hopefully wish to make you understand we are not who we are because what we do. Sadly  we are merely numbers, lies, tales in order to fitted into the system by men who change the world all I ask of you is not to believe in what others think of you because you will become limited or otherwise you become what you will regret there is no hard truth but believe in the impossible. Well! In fact impossible is a word created by people themselves to put down others. Do not shy away from the truth because that is you! You have been the answer all this time. Sadly the whole world as we know it is dying and everthing in it is left unchecked by igonrance,greed and power worse of all this is we are not doing anything about it. If don’t know how to change people and argue all day what point may come out of it? I don’t know this but if you noticed some people are doing something and they happen to make the best right out of it regardeless of age, beliefs or even religion. But the stupidity is always trending with # and we seem bother so much about it and we adapt to it. See what I’m trying to say here? You are a  fish who will follow a shark because its big and you think it will protect you but you notice that shark will eat you up unless you don’t feed it and you called impossible. Irony in the reality we live in is always blame some but yourselves.


Hence, I choose to change. You want to stop go ahead.

I am not the enemy of reality it is the reality who is the enemy who is poisoning us. Making us blind instead of being wise.


I share my concern to next generation. Are you the fish or the shark?


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