The beginning or the end

Fear, rage, jealously.

Is this how it is going to be.

Peace on earth but where are we? We justify our thoughts as being human but our actions are being inconsistent to what we say.

How much more blindness can we get into this world? Death, rape, missing, immorality what more to top that off we have people making others feel neglected, bullying countries, injustice, worst of all no regard for human life. Its all just likes, shares, and bullshit.

Get off your asses man and help this world!

Do you want a generation of death or the living?

Do you want a world of peace or nothing?

What on earth does this world need to do in order for you to change your perception on everything in this life?

It is not enough in many other countries people die everyday and all we care about is who is trending. What the f*** man! Seriously who gives a shit if they live or die they hardly do anything for the society and follow them?

Please set yourself to a standard where people can understand what you are. Stop trusting those blind leaders who say things which is to good to be true. Be the leader yourself and fight for your place. Tomorrow is alway not going to come to you if you don’t think about today. Battle cry after battle cry you wish to be ignorant you will suffer I’m telling you not now, but tomorrow for sure. You think you are safe from where you stand man none of us are safe we all bleed everyday and choose  to fight for our own. We all are a family but why do we feel we are not? What about being the man in the mirror, or healing the world, or we are the world. If we talk behind others backs, we pull someone down because he is doing the right thing. Kindly justify you acts before doing something you will regret. The reason we have history is because the mistakes of men will not be remembered but to be learnt by the next generation to come and to be better men ourselves. Unfortunately, look at this generation we are glad we have the technology but what do we use it for? Selfish acts, being famous. Does it really matter to you what you need  all the time? What about the others? Begging, crying, pleading, dying, lying, hurting, killing. You consider yourself becoming a better men where? How? What are you doing then? Your lust for money and power will give you what tell me. Waiting for better things will never come your way the world doesn’t work that way does that changed the world fought not only by dayy but by night. I do believe we are good men but why are we so negligent to our society even though we see our country fighting we choose to be the problem not the cure and we have the audacity to say we need change. This stupid ass cycle has been going on and on and on. When does this roundabout end? Many tried to help but became victims, we on the other hand do not know what the truth is because of the control of the people on us.

It is time!

Think about it!




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