The impossible is you, me, everybody.

Think about it for a second yah?

Look at it my way, before judging me. If you read all my previous blog I seem to share the same meaning over and over  again some get some don’t. (I dont judge I just write.) You are the dream before the world was create but what you dream is not what you were built for how you dream for the world is what you are made for. We live in a secular world where ours minds are connected to the sense of belief that we aren’t as capable in looking within our self in turn we look at others an become simple common to them as they are to us. This written piece is for those who choose  to make a change so enjoy!

Let me explain what do I mean by you being the impossible.

People value other much like a father loves his son, mother cares for her daughter, a dog to a puppy, and cat to a kitten. People are the creation of god as we know and we are loved. Impossible begins with the heart, dreams are always the abstract idea to the impossible fueled by loved we get from others. If I may be simplistic for you its not that hard to do the impossible in fact impossible is merely a word made by the people to put other people hopes and dreams down. Now if that doesn’t wake you up I don’t know what doesn’t. There are countless examples of people who are known to be the impossible are you next? Maybe? Open your mind to possibilities in this world don’t bank on tomorrow to bring your hopes up because believe me tomorrow never comes it is what happen today makes everything count. Much like the philosophy where is it written ” There are countless stars in the world one is outta be you.” I hope that will get your gears grinding. Plus that I guess you know by now impossible is just as possible by just removing it becomes I’m – possible. See what I mean? Read the guidelines below for more.

Five ways to know how to become impossible:
1. Be loved and spread love.
2. Have faith in yourself.
3. Think beyond expectation no matter how hard it is.
4. Focus.
5. Fight for it.

These are a few of those guideline you may need to think about in order to become the impossible.

Dreams are always the  best way to start but thats another topic for another day.

Go out there show the world you are the impossible because you are and nobody else knows this but even thought you may not know me as a stranger I believe in people like you because that how humanistic I am to others.

Glad to be there for you hopefully in time of need.

Be happy!




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