Have you ever wondered why some of the rich people are mostly interesting about?

Some about thier extravagant lifestyle, health, hobbies but some have one thing in common the confidence.

Mind you!

I said some not all.

Why confidence?

A man brought up in a world will not have full expection or choices to make a difference until he wants to make sure it happens the key involving that kind of power is confidence. Of course! We cannot win them all the point is all bout learning what the mistakes value and doubling it in order to have a better result. All the rich people have failed too they are all not gods. Brilliant minds working together in order to have a better understand but without confidence there will be no development. Understanding our way of life we choose to sometimes expect on winning it all and when it back fires on us we go under our own all kinds of depression. (I’ve been there once it is not good.) Changing lifes is easy if we know how to do so, if we dont then we need to find a way. Education is one of the best tools to supplement that change, ethics, inspiration and right sense of motivation. But the whole idea behind confidence is it hold the true meaning of what is right to all of us. Confidence also help people bring the best out of their true self if you think about  it if it wasn’t for any of the blogger writing down their brilliant litreature here where would I be right now? Haha. So confidence gave me the idea to share my thoughts be it simple or complex,explicit or clean, long or short I do it with grace and confidence and not for the fame infact it boosted me to writing more by the day. Confidence is you! Get up and start making a change in your life.

If I may confess something here.

I was too confident in performing live during the debut gig but unfortunately I did not do well that gig itself. It doesn’t mean I give up playing music that means I need to grow more in order to become the best. That is why in my head I always need to tell myself I’m a the best because confidence will take you there. Positive vibes bring positive thoughts to reality, on the other hand negativity will always be present but with a mere 10% chance. It is up to you to see where you fall in the ying and yang. Mind you!

You are the change!

What more do you need?

Confidence is not the key it is just another piece of the puzzle that can help get through the night in order to become the best in your heart and soul.

Love what you do and be confident.




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