Art of conversation part 3

This one is now the main course to our journey to new life.

The reason why it is called “the art of conversation” because of how it presented to people. The ways we make friends is like making the most fantastic dish on earth it has to be spot on amazing or it should look like painting with various tones, color, texture, etc. I choose to continue this small pieces of advice because some don’t really learn in fact some question their own integrity much like me before.

Let me be clear conversations are the road path to success or to a relationship or anything you wish it be but sometimes it can also be something negative but let’s leave the negatives aside. Saying hello won’t hurt its just depend on who it is you are pertaining to. I love to have a conversation with a stranger who understand me who can level with me. That the beautiful thing abiut  conversation so here some fews techniques you may want to read about:


1. Stay calm and simple – in our psychology people who meet like minded people will develop more based on influence.
2. Saying hello won’t hurt you – people are people not animals depending on who you meet than that is entirely up to you.
3. Make your identity more interesting- it is much like buying a meal it has to be good.
4. Be humble – if they turn out to be useless pople who will use you say goodbye.
5. Respect – sometimes people dont understand the value of respect now-a-days especially this generation it need not to learnt it has to be natural.

Go out meet your people share the thoughts and words of wisdom. Let’s change the world and Let’s talk!

If in case you missed out on the part 1 & 2.

Check em out.




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